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Condominiums Condominiums

Condominium Living is a great lifestyle for 1st time home buyers as well as those clients who are downsizing. While similar to selling a single family home, there are many factors unique to the purchase and sale of a condominium. 

Taking on the role of For Sale by Owner, when selling a condominium, may seem difficult but it is not impossible.

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Residential Homes Residential

Single-Family Residential Homes are by far the most popular choice for buyers of real estate, nationwide. There is a vast selection of styles and amenities to choose from. Consequently, the For Sale by Owner must quickly decipher the needs and goals of their prospective buyer, translate that information into the template of their own needs and goals while at the same time continuing the marketing of their home until there is mutual acceptance of purchase terms. It can be quiet a juggling act but learning this simple concept is paramount to being able to successfully convert a buyer. Unfortunately, it may prove quite challenging.   

FACT: An increasing number of For Sale by Owners fail to effectively sell their home due to the lack of a substantial amount of exposure needed to attract qualified buyers. This is followed closely by the substantial amount of funds needed to sustain a 24-hour, 7 days a week marketing campaign, especially through the conversion phase.

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Waterfront Homes Waterfront Homes

The joy and ambience of waterfront living. There is nothing like it for those drawn to this life giving element. A For Sale by Owner may have extraordinary response by a full range of potential buyers. There is something primal to the desire of living near water but few have the actual resources to do so. That being said the Waterfront For Sale by Owner runs into the continuous bombardment of people who are not really buyers but more the 'Lookie Lou'. 

The For Sale by Owner has cleared the hurdle of marketing a desirable property. But find that they spend more time displaying their home to Lookie Lou instead of sitting down to discuss terms with a qualified buyer.

Our only 'sound' advice is to talk with a Real Estate Broker, and negotiate terms for the commission of that Broker acting on behalf of the buyer.

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Fine Homes Fine Homes

When selling Fine Homes as a For Sale by Owner it is important to have any potential buyer pre-qualify. Have that buyer present you with a copy of the pre-qualification and then call the lender to verify the information.

ALWAYS, schedule an appointment and NEVER, open your door to someone who 'just happened to be passing by'. And ALWAYS use the BUDDY SYSTEM when showing your home to your scheduled, pre-qualified buyer. (This applies to ANY and ALL unrepresented home seller.)

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